Different Flows of WMS Solution

Warehouse Common Issues

The warehouse is working slowly

Mundane operations are performed slowly and inefficiently.

Messed-up Inventory

The inventory control perceived as a big task, that shuts down the warehouse, so there is none.

Lack of accurate information

There is no accurate information about the availability and location of product in the warehouse.

Problems with labelling

Product is either mislabeled or not labelled according to the requirements of your customers.

Warehouse Automation Software

Warehouse15 is designed to automate commodity and stock accounting operations at Warehouse, Zone, and Storage location level.


  • Collecting barcodes
  • Stock taking
  • Receiving
  • Autonomous Operation
  • The movement of goods
  • Placement in cells
  • Working with the characteristics
  • Work with serial numbers
  • Work with product series


  • Support for huge inventories (> 400 thousand items)
  • Support for characteristics/series, same barcodes for different items
  • Works with and without Wi-Fi
  • Ready-made price tags for many models of mobile printers
  • Trusted by companies from the TOP-1000

Advantages of Warehouse 15

Rolling Out

  • From 1 day to 2 weeks for small shops;
  • From 2 to 4 months for chains from 100 stores;
  • From 4 months to a year for large chains;


  • Predefined list of properties for small changes
  • Built-in development tools for any changes
  • Server app for middleware



Order Management Software

Access mintsoft

  • Cloud-based order management software (OMS)
  • Makes order management and warehouse management easier for online retailers
  • Helps with picking, packing and shipping process
  • Establish meaningful supplier and customer relationships

With Access mintsoft,

  • Never miss an order with centralized processing
  • Get orders out both quickly and accurately
  • Simplify the fulfillment of complex orders

Order Management Features

3PLs & Fulfillment Houses

  • Real-time Client Access
  • Automated Billing & Accounting
  • Customizable Brand Management
  • Centralized Client Management

Online Retailers

  • Inventory Sync
  • Drop Shipping
  • Sales Reporting
  • Detailed Inventory Tracking

Solution For All Businesses

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